OUR MISSION: ready to serve our customers

We create value for our customers by delivering cost effective solutions for the steel surface treatment. We provide high efficiency products and experienced service for steel pickling operations. We develop for our customers new safe and environmental friendly solutions.

OUR VISION: a specialised and proactive company

We focus on the steel surface treatment a range of skills, experiences and research projects to better serve our customers.

We do not claim to be the best in all areas everywhere. But we have the ambition to confirm our leadership in our scope and to work with the most reliable partners wherever we operate.

As independent company we are free to adapt our services and products to meet the specific requirements of each production line of our customers. For us, every customer is unique and deserves specific monitoring.

To adapt our services to customers and to be prepared to supply them in all circumstances is essential but not enough for tomorrow. Our independent family ownership also allows us to invest extensively in new equipment and R & D projects to develop new capabilities in the global competition of new steels and materials. We are committed to support our customers in their future challenges.


Top delivery performance

Vinciane Olivier

 Shipping manager

Vinciane Olivier De Leuze Shipping manager

Out of the box thinking

Alain Denis

Technical service specialist

Alain Denis De Leuze technical service specialist

De Leuze, a name you can trust

Erard de Leuze

Chief executive officer

De Leuze CEO