coke oven Hertal Belgium
DE LEUZE history

Founded in 1909 by Fernand de Leuze in Herstal-Belgium, the Company became specialised in metal surface treatment. For a long time they provided furnaces and products for tempering metals for the industries in that region. At that time, Herstal was in the heart of the European steel industry.

After the 2WW, the company is transformed with the arrival of Mr. Pierre-Louis de Leuze. Renowned chemist and formulator, he developed new additives for the protection of metal surfaces. For many years, he travelled the steel plants and developed chemical solutions for his customers.

In 1998, Erard de Leuze, the grand-son of the founder took over the activities and “Etablissements Fernand DE LEUZE” became DE LEUZE S.A. He developed the collaboration with well-known R&D centers as the CRMGroup as well as with complementary industrial partners. He also organised a specialised multi tasks team focusing on customer production lines.

Pierre Louis de Leuze looking into microscope 1947
Erard de Leuze standing in front of overpickling inhibitors stock

Today DE LEUZE is the leader in the field of overpickling inhibitors and rinsing additives before cold rolling or galvanizing operations. Their specialists propose cost effective on-site solutions to improve pickling processes.

DE LEUZE products are recognised worldwide as a quality Standard.

After more than 100 years in the steel treatment industry, DE LEUZE is more than ever ready to serve their customers!